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We retail, wholesale and export all leading brands of copiers and presses including all Kodak copiers. Our insider’s track in the press industry allows us to extend unbeatable dealer prices to all of our retail customers. How do we accomplish this? Well, right before off-lease presses get exported, we cherry pick the very best ones from the inflow of off-lease equipment that arrives at our network of warehouses. We then exclusively retail the very best presses, including Kodak presses. We keep it simple and our loyal customers love it. All of our copiers and presses come with a full unconditional 30-day warranty plus a 2-Year warranty. So call us now toll-free at 1-855-955-9855 and inquire about our liquidation pricing on any one of Kodak’s industry leading models.

B&W Kodak Copiers

Kodak DigiMaster 9110 Kodak DigiMaster 9150
Kodak DigiMaster e125 Kodak DigiMaster e150
Kodak DigiMaster EX110 Kodak DigiMaster EX125
Kodak DigiMaster EX138 Kodak DigiMaster EX150
Kodak DigiMaster EX300

Color Kodak Copiers

Kodak NexPress 2100 Plus Kodak NexPress 2500
Kodak NexPress S3000

Buy Kodak Copiers in Perfect Condition

CopiersOnSale will ship you a top quality Kodak copier in perfect state for just a small fraction of the cost of buying new. Your new copier machine will be fully guaranteed under our industry leading warranty. With CopiersOnSale, you get exactly what you paid for. With a vast selection of high quality used copiers, CopiersOnSale has nearly any brand or model you need. Whether you need a wide format printer or regular office copier, CopiersOnSale will ship you the best quality copier at a substantial fraction of the cost of buying new. CopiersOnSale will ship your order fast and securely. And we include a no-risk guarantee that your Kodak copier will be installed and be perfectly operational right off the bat. Call CopiersOnSale today and save up to 90% off the original retail price! Toll Free 1855-955-9855 Call Now