Color Copiers For Sale

Copiers-On-Sale specializes in all the most popular color copiers from all the industry leading copier manufacturers in the world including Canon, Ricoh, Xerox, Konica Minolta, Toshiba, Kyocera, Sharp, as well as several other leading copier makers. If you’re in the market for a color copier at bargain pricing, with all the leading tech features imaginable, with the best warranty and shipping rate offered online, Copiers-On-Sale is the premium place to purchase color copiers. Just call us today at 1-855-955-9855 toll-free and do a little price comparison. You just might be convinced to take us up on our value proposition.

We offer a full parts and labor 30-day warranty on all of our color copiers, including all of our featured brands and an extended 2-year warranty. As of now, Copiers-On-Sale is the only online dealer offering this exclusive extended warranty on all color copier models. Call 1-855-955-9855. toll-free to obtain more details!

All of our color copiers have less than three months of use of them. That’s right. Just three months of use! And many of our color copiers produce 12 * 18” and even do 13 * 19’’. Not to mention that our color copiers fold and staple, do magazines and booklets, and scan as well.

While black-and-white copiers haven´t become obsolete yet, the handwriting is on the wall. Many vendors don´t sell black-and-white only copiers any more. This leads to a decrease in demand. Once demand for the product slows, then demand for the parts to fix a product slows. Before long, the product becomes obsolete.

Color Copy Machines Can Handle Complex Jobs

Due to advanced technology, copiers like digital color copiers can handle complex jobs like graphic-intensive newsletters and brochures.

After all, color is to be shown off. They are able to do things like collate and print multiple copies seamlessly. As marketing is the backbone of any business, all the money you save on copying, for example, can be spent on other direct marketing benefits like more ad buys.

Color Copiers are Cost Effective

Piggybacking off the point just above, imagine going to your local print shop and reproducing 50 copies of a new color-intensive brochure. Even at the rock-bottom low end of $1 per page, this can add up quickly, especially if your brochure is a few pages long and you do this several times a month.

Again, this is money that could be better spent elsewhere to grow your small business. By the time you pay for a few print runs, you could have paid outright for a color Copy Machine.

Color Copiers Make Better Presentations

Just like in photography, color pops. It draws the eye in and commands attention. When you are going over things like sales charts and income projections, having the ability to see it laid out in a color-coded fashion makes it easier to take in and understand.

Your staff can immediately see if the company is in the red or the black, because you´ll be able to show them the numbers and chart lines in vivid color.

Color Copiers Give You a “Big-Boy” Image

Imagine this: you´ve wooed a big client. They were impressed with your website. After all, you invested a few thousand in your online presence and it shows. You look like a multi-national corporation. They were impressed with your phone consultation.

Now, they want you to give a presentation to their board. It´s between your growing company of 20 employees, and another company with over 250 employees. They feel like they have it in the bag.

Can you imagine showing up with black-and-white graphics because you didn´t invest in a color copier? The bottom line: color copiers allow you to compete with the big boys.

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