To ensure timely and secure delivery of our copiers, our company has adopted the best shipping and handling practices in the industry. Over the course of our company’s history, our logistics division has developed an industry leading specialization in shipping delicate copier equipment nationwide as well as around the world. Our in-house logistics experts work in tandem with the nation’s top copier transport companies to ensure that every copier we sell arrives on time and in perfect working condition.

Unlike regular freight, copiers must be transported in a very prudent way in order to guarantee the equipment arrives working the way the manufacturer intended. Furthermore, by virtue of our sales volume, our company enjoys the very best rates for moving copier equipment, and we make it our pleasure to pass on those savings onto our customers.

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Our flat shipping rate is only $199 per copier! That’s right, only $199 per copier, nationwide, regardless of how big the move is. We know some of our competition charges upwards of $500 per copier machine, per move. Other competitors offer free shipping, but inflate the overall price of the copier machine. At Copiers-On-Sale, we offer the best shipping rate in the industry, period.

To speak to one of our company’s representatives regarding our industry-leading shipping and handling practices, please call us at 1-855-955-9855.

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