Wide Format Printers On Sale!

Are you looking for a wide format printers for your business but buying a brand new one at full retail pricing is just out of the question? If that’s the case, Copiers-On-Sale is the right place for you. Copiers-On-Sale is the premium online store for bargain hunters of high quality wide format printers and copiers. Call us today at 1-855-955-9855 toll-free and ask one of our sales representatives for liquidation pricing on your preferred wide format model.

CopiersOnSale specializes in all leading brands of wide format equipment, including Ricoh, KIP, OCE, Xerox, Kyocera as well as several other brands. Call us now toll-free at 1-855-955-9855 to inquire about our new wide format printers as well as our repos, demos, and floor models offered at incredible discounts.

We offer a 2-Year Warranty on Wide Format Printers!

All of our highly affordable, user-ready wide format printers come with very low milage. This makes them ideal for any business, office, or print shop needing a wide format printer in excellent condition at a substantial discount. And with our exclusive, industry-leading 30 day warranty plus 2 year extended warranty, our customers can eliminate the risk of buying a wide format printer online without having to pay full retail pricing.

Again, this is money that could be better spent elsewhere to grow your small business. By the time you pay for a few print runs, you could have paid outright for a color Copy Machine.

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