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KIP Printers: Want to buy a brand new or gently used KIP printer but you absolutely need the best price, the best warranty, and the best transport quote to your facility or else you just won’t buy? Well, sounds like Copiers-On-Sale is the right place for you. Call us now toll-free at 1-855-955-9855 and be amazed at the deal you’ll get on your next wide format printer when you buy from Copiers-On-Sale. You’re looking for a high quality wide format printer. You want a great deal on a wide format in excellent condition. You appreciate our flat shipping rate of $199 and friendly service. And you won’t buy anything that doesn’t come with a dependable warranty. Copiers-On-Sale is the right place for you. We have access to brand new as well as just off-lease gently used wide format printers. Our prices are up to 90% off original retail pricing. And you get an industry-leading standard warranty on all wide format printers (30-day unconditional warranty plus 2 years of extended warranty). Because under our 30-day unlimited warranty, if anything goes wrong we have to take back your printer – at our expense. So we make sure that doesn’t happen by putting each used wide format printer, and every second-hand machine we sell, through a thorough examination:
  • Electrical and mechanical parts are inspected.
  • Toner cartridges, rollers, drums, belts, filters, developer and blades are reviewed.
  • Surfaces are polished if needed.
  • Wide Formats are tested and copies run through.
Most wide format printers come with high monthly lease fees and tie you down with inflexible contracts. Copiers-On-Sale offers a better, more affordable way to buy a large format printer that will provide years of dependable service. Get incredible savings on new and gently used wide format printers for your place of business without sacrificing quality. When you buy from Copiers-On-Sale: You’ll save up to 90% off the cost of a new wide format printer. The wide format belongs to you, no more lease payments. Our used wide format printers have been tested by qualified wide format technicians. They come with a 30-day unconditional warranty. And all wide format printer brands are available.

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