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Copiers-On-Sale has a great value proposition for all of its Lanier Copiers. Our company offers the broadest selection of high quality Lanier copiers, and our Lanier inventory is always on sale! So whether you happen to be in the market for a high quality Lanier production copier or one of Lanier’s office copier models, Copiers-On-Sale can help you fulfill your specific business needs. And all of our Lanier copiers come with a full 30 day warranty. That means that the bargain our customers get when they buy a Lanier copier is not only really cheap but also risk free! So call us now toll-free at 1-855-955-9855 and ask about our liquidation pricing on any one of Lanier’s industry leading black & white or color copiers.

New Lanier Models


Please review our full inventory of Lanier copiers listed below to select the one that best suits your business needs:

Lanier Payment Methods

Before you buy a Lanier Copier…

Before you buy a Lanier copier, do some research at Copiers-On-Sale and look for a copier as per your specific requirements. A copier’s speed is measured in pages per minute (PPM) – the number of letter-sized pages the machine can produce in one minute. Before you buy, you must ensure that the copier has no issues and is thoroughly cleaned from the inside and out. All worn parts of copiers should be replaced and the machine should be inspected for any potential problems. Accordingly, we offer a full warranty period of 30 days and an extended 2-year warranty.

B&W Lanier Copiers

Lanier MP 301SPF Lanier MP 2553
Lanier MP 3053 Lanier MP 3353
Lanier Pro 8100S Lanier Pro 8110S

Color Lanier Copiers (Recently Added)

Lanier SP C242SF Lanier MP C305
Lanier MP C3003 Lanier MP C3503
Lanier MP C4503 Lanier MP C5503
Lanier MP C6003 Lanier MP C6502
Lanier MP C8002 Lanier Pro C5100
Lanier Pro C901S Graphic Arts

Lanier Wide Format Printers (Recently Added)

Lanier LW5100en Lanier LW7140en

B&W Lanier Copiers

Lanier LD 50B Lanier LD 140
Lanier LD 360 Lanier LD 370
Lanier LD 380 Lanier LD 390
Lanier MP 5002 Lanier Pro 1107EX
Lanier Pro 907EX

Color Lanier Copiers

Lanier LD 365C Lanier LD 375C
Lanier LD 620C Lanier LD 635C
Lanier LD 645C Lanier Pro C720
Lanier Pro C900S Lanier Pro C901S

Lanier Wide Format Printers

Lanier LW 310 Lanier LW 324
Lanier LW 326 Lanier LW 410
Lanier LW 411 Lanier LW 5100
Lanier LW 7140
/Lanier LW324 On Sale Lanier Copiers LW310 On Sale Call Now Lanier Copiers On Sale 1855-955-9855