Lanier Pro C7200especifications

Speed B/W
85 Pages Per Minute

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Speed Color
85 Pages Per Minute

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650,000 Copies Per Month

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Copier Type
Digital Press

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Dimensions (H x W x D)
48" x 52" x 35.8"

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1,235 lbs

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208-240 Volts, 16 Amps x 2

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Full Specifications
Lanier Pro C7200e

Full Specifications
Lanier Pro C7200e

Product Overview

Why Buy a Gently Used Lanier Machine

Whether you are seeking to replace equipment coming off-lease, or are in the process of beginning a new business or work site, buying equipment like copiers and computers is essential to keeping a well-running space. However, finding the best equipment at a great price can be frustrating. With the rising costs of such office equipment, many consumers are choosing from one of the many gently used Pro C7200e Multifunction copier on the market instead of buying new. If you are in the market for new office equipment, consider the following advantages of buying gently used copiers over new office equipment bought in-store.

Lanier Pro C7200e Introduction

The Lanier Pro C7200e Series has all these and much more. Combining high productivity with high quality, these new models also handle up to five speciality colours, boosting your special effects capabilities so you’re perfectly positioned to expand your business.

The cost Effectiveness of
Lanier Pro C7200e

Purchasing a gently used or refurbished Pro C7200e Multifunction copier is always a more cost effective and economical option than buying a new machine. Often, you can find a fully functioning used model that had just come off-lease or had just been repossessed at prices as much as 70 percent lower than its original sticker price. Saving money on gently used copiers allow businesses and individuals to invest their precious and limited financial resources in other avenues where it is needed more.


Lanier MP C6004ex Color Copier 60 PPM 60 Color PPM
Lanier MP C6004ex 60 B/W PMM 60 B/W PPM

Lanier Pro C5210s Color Copier 80 PPM 80 Color PPM
Lanier Pro C5210s 80 B/W PMM 80 B/W PPM

Lanier LD620C Color Copier 20 PPM 20 Color PPM
Lanier LD620C 20 B/W PMM 20 B/W PPM

Lanier Pro C751 Color Copier 75 PPM 75 Color PPM
Lanier Pro C751 75 B/W PMM 75 B/W PPM

Lanier Pro C9200 Color Copier 115 PPM 115 Color PPM
Lanier Pro C9200 115 B/W PMM 115 B/W PPM


Lanier MP 9003 Black and White Copier 90 PPM 90 B/W PPM

Lanier Pro 8310 Black and White Copier 111 PPM 111 B/W PPM

Lanier Pro C901 Graphic Arts + Color Copier 90 PPM 90 Color PPM
Lanier Pro C901 Graphic Arts + 90 B/W PMM 90 B/W PPM

Lanier MP 5002 Black and White Copier 50 PPM 50 B/W PPM

Lanier IM C2000 Color Copier 20 PPM 20 Color PPM
Lanier IM C2000 20 B/W PMM 20 B/W PPM


Lanier MP 2555SP Black and White Copier 25 PPM 25 B/W PPM